Indiana Autism Services, LLC

Small town ABA. Committed to individual, family, and community.

Small Town ABA

An ABA clinic built by a small town Hoosier family for small town Hoosier families. We understand your way of life because we live your way of life.



We provide high quality science-based 1-on-1 therapy to every client to help them succeed. We believe in developing our clients to showcase their individual talents and gifts. 



We provide supports to every family based on their needs. We also believe that every client is an invaluable member of their family. 



We understand the importance of translating what we do in a clinical setting to the community. We prioritize providing outings as much as possible. Some clients have an outing every day. 


Who We Serve​

Young Learners

Geared for ages 18 months to 5 years old. We work with your child at their most critical time of development to set them up for success.

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K-5 Learners

Geared for children who are school aged. We aim to help support students already in school or develop skills towards transitioning to school.

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Teen and YA Learners

Geared for teenagers and young adults both in and out of school. Our focus is on helping you prepare for "adult" life and make the most successful jump.

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