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We use ABA Therapy to teach skills such as, communication, play, social interactions, activities of daily living, academic readiness and self-regulation. 


The activities we use are engaging and fun.  We use a Montessori approach to teaching, along with an intensive curriculum specifically for children with ASD. 


An RBT will work one to one with your child to provide them with the level of support they need to be successful with learning.

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Fun and Learning Starts Here

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, has been proven to be the most effective form of therapy for people with autism. While there is no known cure for autism, research has definitely shown that treatment methods based on the principles of behavior, or ABA, can produce lasting behavior change for most individuals with autism.  At IAS we put the fun in learning for children with Autism. 

Meet Our LEAD TherapisTs

Abby Miles, a born Hoosier, joins IAS as a Lead Therapist and Director of Family Services. Her dedication to others and trustworthy personality is exactly what families rely on. She is down to earth and ready to lead the Zionsville team. She recently earned her RBT Certificate after completing two years of using ABA principles in the Intensive Intervention classroom in Zionsville Community Schools. 

Abby Miles, RBT

Ember has been a Registered Behavior Technician since 2015. She joins IAS as a Lead Program Manager. She is dedicated to helping children with Autism meet their potential. She resides in Montgomery County and was the first RBT to serve in the county! Ember has been involved in raising awareness for Autism for several years - her enthusiasm for helping children access quality services  is contagious! 

Ember Sheperd, RBT