Indiana Autism Services, LLC

Small town ABA. Committed to individual, family, and community.

Meet Our Team

Together as a team we seek to provide the highest quality of service for all our clients.

Abby Miles, RBT

Abby, a native Hoosier, comes from the Zionsville Community Schools to act as the Director of Operations at IAS she oversees Family Services, she loves giving our clients the tools to be their best selves and believes each of our clients have a lot to offer the world. As a mother of a child with special needs she understands all of the hope and heartache that goes into raising a kid with differences. Those kids and their families are her biggest passion!

Fun Fact: If she could meet anyone in history, she'd want to meet Eleanor Roosevelt--an advocate for those who could not always advocate for themselves! 

Alexis Wood, RBT

Office Manager 

Alexis comes from a deep background working in the childcare industry and brings her passion of supporting children to IAS. Her family and children inspires her to do her best work. She loves horses and used to be a competitive dressage rider.

Fun Fact: Christmas is her favorite holiday because she gets to spend so much time with her family. 

Hannah Holtz, M.A. BCBA

Clinical Director 

Abbe Mullen, BA, RBT  

Program Manager 


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