Indiana Autism Services, LLC​

Our Programs

Available Educational Programs


We whole-heartedly believe in early identification and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. We offer free screenings 


We have a full-time school readiness program that has a Montessori approach using the principles of ABA Therapy. 

Elementary - Middle School 

We have full and half day programs that focus on social skills, self-regulation and academic fluency. 

Our Advantages

Qualified Teachers

Our staff is highly qualified and meet and exceed all of the state regulations for providing ABA Therapy. They are trained in CPR and First Aid, along with safety procedures that create an environment that is best for learning, developing and exploring. 

Advance Learning Activities

Our assessment practices are exceptional and we have extensive training using the VB-MAPP to collect data and create a program specific to your child's needs. It also assesses group readiness and behaviors that interfere with learning. It is the best evaluation for children with ASD. 

Various Programs

While the clinic has a Montessori feel, it has a very analytical approach to teaching. We use research based methods such as Pivotal Response Training, Natural Environment Training, Discrete Trials, TAG Teaching methods, along with other approaches to best meet the learners needs. 

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