Indiana Autism Services, LLC

Small town ABA. Committed to individual, family, and community.

What We Do

At Indiana Autism Services we believe in providing a full package of services to support you and your loved one. Check out our programs and contact us with questions. 

ABA Therapy

This is our most commonly used service. Here we provide science based practices to help your loved one grow in a variety of areas.  

IEP Support

We provide assistance with better understanding your loved one's IEP. The relationship between your family and the school is vital to your child's success. We gladly act as advocates to help support you.  

Outreach Programs

We have several different outreach programs designed to offer your loved ones opportunities to get involved. We offer great opportunities like Lego Club and a soon-to-come theater camp. 

Community Waiver 

By the end of 2020, we hope to offer behavioral management services to support your family even more. 

Family Services 

We work closely with families to help train them on how to implement what we do at the clinic at home. They are common sense driven and focused on helping your family succeed. 

Speech Therapy 

We employ speech therapists who can work 1-on-1 with your loved one to help them boost their language abilities. 

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